NID HCA Boston, MA

We are the Boston based branch of the the National Investment Division-Housing Counseling Agency (NID-HCA) which is a HUD approved non-profit organization with 25 years of experience in housing counseling and community building.


NID-HCA has taken a leading role in advocating for our developing policies that would effectively address the housing and community development needs of underserved communities in need traditional resources, products and services.

NID-HCA leadership through the input of our dedicated counselor network and client memberships provides substantial input to both the public and private sectors on how to implement and utilize government and private sector programs and policies to create positive change for our client based –the underserved communities of America.


We are proud of the commitment of our partnerships, client –family and the commitment of our dedicated counselors to continue to dissolve barriers of the underserved as we forge forward with a deepened commitment to help build and re-build communities thru outreach efforts, education and the creation of partnerships, uniting counseling, clients and community groups that foster healthier communities.

Who We Serve

Want advice on how to buy a home? Learn strategies to avoid foreclosure? What about improving your credit score? NID-HCA provides free or low cost counseling services to individuals/families, financial institutions, faith-based organizations, community based-nonprofit organizations, government organization, public housing authorities, community development agencies, affordable housing developers.

Our History

In 1947 The National Association of Real Estate Brokers was founded by African America real estate professionals out of a need to secure the right to equal housing opportunities regardless of race, creed or color.


For more than 60 years NAREB has participated in meaningful housing and economic development challenges. In 1985 Thom L. Holmes, was President of the minority real estate association and co-founded the NAREB-Investment Division to level the playing field of disparate access to economic development and housing related opportunities with a focus on minority and urban communities.

Presently, NID national serve a wide range of social and economical client base. The vision of NID-HCA is to provide housing related counseling to all persons and entities with housing and community development needs.


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